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"Total Dissolved Solids: What is it and how does it affect land treatment?"

by Presented by Daniel J. Burgard, CPSS | Jan 13, 2014

Many northwest food processors use land treatment to sustainably treat and reuse wastewater. It is an essential part of their operations and in many cases the only option available. Land treatment allows the processors to provide an economical, beneficial reuse of the process wastewater while utilizing the soil and crop system to provide necessary treatment to protect groundwater quality. One of the upcoming issues related to land treatment regulation is Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

An understanding of TDS and its role in land treatment system management to protect groundwater quality is necessary for influencing appropriate future policy with respect land treatment operations, permitting and compliance. This talk will cover topics including: What is TDS?, Environmental and Health Issues, Regulations regarding TDS in Water, Behavior of TDS in Soil, and Treatment of TDS in Wastewater and Soil.

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