• Cascade Earth Sciences (CES)
    Synergy of Water and Science.®

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    Cascade Earth Sciences (CES) provides our clients with sustainable solutions that combine science, engineering and natural systems. Our reputation is built on innovative solutions that conserve both financial and natural resources. With a focus on client satisfaction, CES is proud to report that year over year, 99% of our clients would utilize CES for future projects.

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  • Water
    Water Source, Treatment and Reuse

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    CES specializes in taking the waste out of water. We provide expertise in locating and developing ground and surface water sources. Our comprehensive approach to water management combines mechanical and land-based systems to achieve the most cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

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  • Agriculture
    Agriculture Resources

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    CES has advanced solutions that expand available water resources while preserving the environment. As the demand for water grows, the need for effective management and efficient use grows, too. Using science and engineering, CES can create solutions that leverage natural site features to reduce cost and improve water quality and availability.

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  • Engineering
    Engineering Design Solutions


    CES creates custom solutions for complex engineering challenges. Our multi-disciplined design team provides comprehensive solutions to our client's complex water, wastewater, solid waste and environmental challenges.

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  • Environmental
    Remediation, Reclamation and Permitting


    CES provides high-quality environmental assessments, reclamation and permitting services. We have interdisciplinary environmental professionals with extensive experience assisting clients with the growing challenges of State and Federal permitting and compliance regulations.

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