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Who We Hire

Cascade Earth Sciences, a Valmont Industries company, is an equal opportunity employer offering a competitive salary and generous benefit package. CES has been in business for over 35 years and has approximately 40 employees that provide local client service through offices in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Nebraska and China. Since 1998, CES has operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Valmont Industries, Inc. Valmont is an industry-leading irrigation/infrastructure company based in Omaha, Nebraska, that has operations around the globe. We employ a full complement of dedicated professionals who are capable of providing consulting services for a broad range of environmental issues. They are well trained for and ready to accept, any challenge put before them.


Engineers are trained in systems analysis, mechanical design, construction management, process design and manufacturing facility management. CES environmental engineers have had specialized training and experience in wastewater treatment system design, landfill design, water supply planning and air quality assessment. They also provide in-depth numerical cost analysis and computer modeling to meet the needs of other CES scientific staff.

Soil Scientists

Soil scientists are traditionally trained as agronomists with emphasis in crop production. They develop fertilizer, tillage and soil conservation recommendations for the farm and forestry industries. CES soil scientists have expanded beyond the traditional agronomic base. Soil scientists at CES prepare nutrient loading budgets for wastewater and sludge land application programs, access fate and transport of fertilizer, pesticide and contaminants in soils and groundwater and provide input for soil remediation. CES soil scientists are typically trained in specialties such as soil physics, soil chemistry and soil microbiology.

Geologists and Hydrogeologists

CES geologists/hydrogeologists have specific training in groundwater movement, aquifer characterization, environmental investigations and subsurface processes. Geologists at CES have expanded their training to include special skills in groundwater investigations. These hydrogeologists have adapted their skills in geophysics and geochemistry to conduct site assessments, contaminant fate and transport analysis, groundwater migration studies and site cleanup. CES hydrogeologists have unique experience in computer modeling of groundwater flow and contaminant migration.


Hydrologists are traditionally trained in the distribution, circulation and chemical and physical behavior of water and in the relationship between the environment and water. CES hydrologists have applied their training to the processing, storage and transportation of municipal and industrial wastewater for irrigation of farmlands. This beneficial use of wastewater reduces waste treatment costs while protecting our precious surface water resources. CES hydrologists also specialize in preparing water budgets and irrigation schedules.

Related Disciplines

CES also has scientific staff with general and specialized training in the environmental sciences. These staff members provide expertise in wetlands delineation, environmental impact assessment, hazardous waste characterization and disposal and emergency response.

Staff Experience

The majority of the CES technical staff had professional experience prior to joining the company. Individual staff members have a variety of industrial, regulatory, academic and/or government experience. Almost half of the CES technical staff have master's degrees in their disciplines. Most are registered professionals with strong dedication to continuing education.

The dedicated professionals at CES are fully capable of providing consulting services for a broad range of environmental issues. They are well trained for and ready to accept, any challenge put before them.

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