Why CES?

We offer the full-cycle advantage.

full circle cycle advantageEvaporation. Transpiration. Filtration. Nutrient Uptake. These are the processes nature has used to clean and recycle water for more than four billion years.

At CES, we use nature's efficiencies to design systems that help businesses and communities "take the waste out of water." Our systems are efficient, effective, environmentally-friendly, and they're often 30-50 percent less expensive than mechanical treatment methods.

The EPA and individual states regulate wastewater discharge to surface waters through the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program. Because water quality standards are high and effluent limits restrictive, process water and wastewater can be expensive to treat. Due to the large volumes of water requiring treatment, many industries and municipalities are utilizing land application to avoid discharge to surface water.

CES has an international reputation in land-based, water reuse system design and operations. CES has successfully completed hundreds of wastewater land application projects for a variety of chemical, textile, electronic, pulp and paper, and mining industries.

System owners may choose whether or not to operate and whether to own or lease the completed project. CES is also available to serve these clients by offering complete waste management and reuse services.

CES offers a full range of concept-to-completion solutions, but we specialize in waste management and treatment systems that are based on naturally occurring, environmentally sound processes and principles.

By reusing wastewater through agricultural irrigation (including forage grasses, grains and hybrid poplars), CES not only helps clients "take the waste out of water," but it helps preserve the world's fresh water supply through the beneficial reuse of an increasingly scarce natural resource -- water.

CES scientists and engineers are uniquely qualified for projects because of their knowledge and experience with soil processes, crop production, irrigation, groundwater protection and biological systems engineering. CES has completed over 500 land application projects in the last 10 years.

Wastewater management is our business. A high level of technical competence among CES professionals provides excellent results and our extensive experience and interaction with regulatory agencies ease the permitting process. Bottom line: System efficiency and regulatory compliance.

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