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Irrigation Management

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Ag Services and Irr Mgmt
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Irrigation Scheduling

The most important factor in healthy crop production is maintaining optimal soil moisture at every stage of crop growth. CES irrigation scheduling is matched to your site soils, crops, irrigation method and information needs. We will install, remove and maintain the equipment on your schedule. Soil moisture equipment is included in the service, so there is no hardware to buy unless you prefer to own it. CES equipment, service and software all together provide personal, science-based irrigation scheduling advice. Options include:

  • Weekly scheduling summary
  • Agronomist site inspections
  • Accessibility for mobile devices
  • Annual and customized reports
  • Valley® BaseStation3TM interface
  • Notifications via email or text
  • Water Sentinel® data management

Professional Services

Our team of registered and certified engineers, agronomists, soil scientists and hydrogeologists have completed thousands of projects solving unique water management issues. We offer complete design, permitting, planning and problem-solving services. CES brings decades of experience and the resources of Valmont® Irrigation to provide effective and efficient water solutions.

  • Engineering design
  • Pumping and irrigation system efficiency and energy management
  • Water source design
  • Water quality treatment
  • Nutrient management
  • Soils and agronomy consulting
  • Water rights assistance
  • Permitting and regulatory compliance

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