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Solid Waste Landfill Services

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CES offers our city/county government and industrial clients a wide range of landfill services in compliance with Subtitle D and state specific regulations. We are well versed with landfill plan development, groundwater monitoring (when required), statistical analysis of groundwater quality data under Subtitle D, and geochemical interpretations. Our approach to landfill work is quality and service driven. We provide what the client needs in a cost-effective and professional manner.

Landfill Site Certification

We have the expertise to certify both municipal and industrial landfill sites in compliance with state and federal regulations. We offer specialized services in the earth sciences (geology, soil science, hydrology, etc.), GIS mapping, and engineering. CES will send a trained professional to visit the proposed landfill site and will then evaluate proximity criteria, geologic conditions and groundwater hydrology. Our detailed Site Certification Plans are prepared through a cooperative approach with the regulatory agencies.

Engineering Design and Closure

Landfill Design
We staff professional engineers who are highly experienced with designing both municipal and non-municipal landfills, RCRA-compliant landfill liners, and caps. They also provide construction oversight to ensure that design requirements are being met in the field.

Engineering Design and Closure Plans
Objectives of the Engineering Design and Closure Plan are to describe the landfill development criteria, provide documentation for the design of various landfill features, and ensure that the Plan complies with state and federal design and performance standards. Some components of a typical plan include general site development, final cover design, stability analysis, surface water drainage and management, quality assurance, and a closure performance assessment.

Operation and Maintenance Plans

The Operations and Maintenance plans are customized to fit our clients’ needs and abilities and for site specific conditions. We prepare an easy to understand plan that discusses staffing/personnel, training requirements, security, waste acceptance procedures, management of special wastes, facility equipment requirements, groundwater and leachate monitoring and reporting, landfill gas monitoring and controls, surface water drainage controls, and emergency response procedures.

Groundwater Monitoring Plans

Groundwater Monitoring Plans are thorough and comprehensive because early detection monitoring is extremely important to prevention of a serious environmental liability. Groundwater monitoring also protects the landfill owner/operator by identifying any pre-existing or naturally occurring groundwater contamination from other sources. As required by State and Federal Regulations, a Registered Professional Geologist, certified groundwater professional, or Professional Engineer will certify and stamp all Groundwater Monitoring Plans.

We also offer Soil Gas Monitoring.

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